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  • sunny1 on Sharon in Pechanga

    hello ..i just want you to know that you are my idol since i was in friends and classmates were really fighting only for...
    Posted Jul 13, 2011
  • merly bergonio on Sharon in Pechanga

    Congrats to your successful concert my IDOL. I really believe na kayang kaya mo yan. We always pray for you, promise yan..^_^ I miss...
    Posted Jun 27, 2011
  • Nancy on Sharon in Pechanga

    Another outstanding concert with our MEGA Sharon. Of course, as usual, my husband, Mario cheering besides me. My husband and I are true...
    Posted Jun 26, 2011
  • Mario on Sharon in Pechanga

    We were there last night with the packed crowd. As fans, we will not forget you. The first time our family met you...
    Posted Jun 26, 2011
  • amparito on Sharon in Pechanga

    Great show as always! Congratulations on a sold out concert Got in in time for your concert from cebu.Jetlag too so decided to write a note...
    Posted Jun 26, 2011

Hi, everyone!

I recently joined Twitter.¬†¬† Yes, finally — just before my birthday ended this year on January 6. ¬† Finally got convinced! ¬† I figured it’d be another great way to reach out to you all,¬†¬† my fans and friends, aside from this website and my Facebook fan page. ¬† And I think I was right!¬†¬† Thanks to you all who’ve been following me. ¬† If you haven’t yet, my Twitter name is @sharon_cuneta12 and I try to reply to as many messages as possible.¬†¬† I leave lots of inspiring messages, too!

Anyway — you all know by now that I’ve moved to TV5 after 23 years with ABS-CBN.¬†¬† Long story.¬†¬† Suffice it to say that all ended well and that I did say a lot of prayers before deciding to transfer,¬† and did get a lot of signs pointing towards my final decision to make the big move. ¬† I do hope that you will all look forward to the shows we are preparing for you on TV5!¬†¬† I am so excited as I will have a daily show and promise to give you only the very best of all of me!

Please come to the Smart Araneta Coliseum on February 11 to see me and Martin Nievera perform back-to-back for the first time ever in a very special¬†¬† Valentine concert! We’ll also be doing the very same show on February 14 at the Cebu Waterfront Hotel.¬† We are both very excited about the concerts and hope to see you all there!¬†¬† It’s going to be a night full of the best love songs directed by Rowell Santiago with musical direction by Louie Ocampo.

Thanks so much and God bless you all!

Love you guys always,

Sharon.  :-)

Megastar, Mega Mom

4:00 am in Articles by Postman

Sharon same, but different With four kids to care for, motherhood is a flurry of activities and emotions for the Megastar. But the more she grows into the role of mom, the more she learns that the values she imparts may be the same, but they manifest in each of her children differently, and always […]

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  • sienna posted an update:   1 year, 2 months ago · View

    ur my idol when i was in teenager… ur first movie dear heart nakita kita sa ali mall cubao with gabby concepcion kasama q mga classmate q at nag cutting classes kami nun dahil alam namin nag theater tour kayo. very memorable sa akin un. sana makita kita muli,

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  • Crisanta Garcia posted an update:   1 year, 2 months ago · View

    Hello po mrs. Mega idol ko po kyo since elementary until now miss na miss ko na po yung mga show ni yo kailan po kyo ulit gagawa ng show or movie!!!

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