Poker chips or gaming chips are small ring-shaped objects made of clay or plastic or ceramic or a combination of the three with a specific gram of metal to add weight to the chips to get the essence of real money. It is used in lieu of the actual currency. The weight of the chips varies from 8gm to 10 gm.

The production of poker chips is a lengthy and expensive process, and the making of it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The chips’ edges are not painted; instead, different colors of clays are inserted and replaced for every strip. Miniscule and careful work is required. The inlays or graphics on the chips are engraved by providing compression at 10,000 psi and is warmed up at 150 degrees Celsius.

Segmentation of poker chips based on the color:

White -$1 Black – $100
Red -$5 Pink -$250
Blue -$10 Purple – $500
Grey – $20 Burgundy or Yellow – $1000
Green – $25 Light Blue – $2000
Orange – $50 Brown – $5000

Best poker chipsets in the world are: 

  • Trade Mark Poker:

It comes in a 22”-inch-long aluminum interlock case with velvet fabric finishing and an engraved tray at the bottom. It is 11.5 grams in weight, and 500 poker chips set comes in quintessential striped colors and gives the actual casino essence. 

  • Claysmith Gaming Mint:

This well-built set has 600 poker chips, 100 are $1, 100 are $5, 50 are $10, 100 are $25, 50 are $50, 100 are $100, 50 are $500, 25 are $1000, and 25 are $5000 and is 13.5 gm in weight; along with two decks of cards, a dealer button and five dice with distinctive classic colors. 

  • Da Vinci:

For beginners, it is the perfect set 11.5 gm in weight with 200 poker chips (50 chips of colors – red, white, blue, and black). It consists of two cut cards along with two packs of playing cards and also has buttons for big and small blind.

  • Brybelly Poker Set:

It comes in a wooden carousel box with 200 chips (50 are red, 50 are white, 50 are green, 25 are black, and 25 are blue) and is 11.5 gm in weight. 

  • Kovot:

Sturdy and heavy clay chips of 300 count with blank chips (50 black, red, blue, and green and 100 white flakes). 11.5 gm in weight accompanied by five dices and two sets of cards and the big blind, small blind, and dealer buttons. 

  • Silly Goose:

Vintage striped blank chips of 300 count (100 are black, 50 are green, 50 are white, 100 are black, 50 are red, and 50 are blue). It comes in an aluminum box with two decks of cards, fives dices, buttons, and two keys for safety.

Fort those who get bored playing poker can try Dewabet118 at Poker chips can be used for different assortments of casino games like blackjack, roulette, Texas hold ‘em, and many more. It is necessary to know about the details of the game to buy the best poker chip set for the big game. Poker chips have an expiration date, too, but it is always held close to the heart for the poker lovers.

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