The most important features of labeling devices

Labeling devices are equipped with a keyboard that allows the input of the desired label. The products are equipped with additional writing bands inside, which guarantee the immediate printing of the desired writing. To enable users to make corrections to their entries at any time, the devices are also equipped with a display.

Most of the products are illuminated so that you can label your products even in the dark. In addition, some labeling devices – the Brother P-Touch 1090 with its “Deco Mode” is worth mentioning here – give you the opportunity to design personalized and colorful labels. This allows you to create individual labels for certain product categories, which gives you a better overview while working.

In these areas labeling devices are used

These devices can be used both in your own four walls and in a professional context. In your home, you not only have the possibility to label important documents, but you can also tidy up your cable clutter thanks to versatile labeling. Labeling devices or in german beschriftungsgerät are also indispensable in the laboratory.

In this environment, correct labeling of the utensils is essential for a controlled workflow. For this reason, more expensive products are primarily used here, which provide the user with a variety of labeling options and take only a few seconds to print the labels.

Labeling devices are available in these versions

Nowadays there are marking devices in the most different variations available to interested parties. So you have the possibility to purchase small, handy products, which can be operated with only one hand, as well as so-called PC labeling devices like the article Casio Labemo MEP-U10, which mostly require a fixed location.

The latter devices are particularly suitable for warehouses, IT companies, and laboratories. The labeling devices differ not only in their design but also in their functions. In this context, great attention should be paid to the printing speed. If a speedy operation is important to you, you should only choose devices with a speed of at least 10 mm per second.

Direct thermal printing products are also preferable. This method is not only efficient but also extremely cost-effective. This is due to the low material requirements – no drum, ribbons, or toner are needed. In addition to various labeling devices, various types of tape cassettes are also available. These are usually available to interested parties as

– Paper-,

– plastic and

– metal strip and

– Choice of ironing straps.

The tapes can be removed cleanly with a cutting device, which is available in every device.

Those brands are particularly popular

People who are interested in labeling devices like to use products from the manufacturer’s brother. The company was founded in Hamburg in 1962 and currently employs more than 210 people. The company already has many years of experience in the production of labeling devices.

Today it offers its customers a wide range of products, which scores with its intuitive control. In this context, the Brother P-Touch 1090 Label Printer is especially recommended. This is a handy product with dimensions of 10.8 cm (W) x 20.9 cm (D) x 5.8 cm (H).

In addition, this has numerous features such as thermal transfer printing, a deco mode, and phrase memory, and eight font styles. Thus, this article can be used in many different areas. Products of the Casio brand are also known for their good quality.

The products of this manufacturer score point not only for their high printing speed but also for their large number of different fonts. The article Casio Beschriftungsgerät KL-60 L also has these characteristics. This print labels with a speed of 11.6 mm per second, so that inscriptions can be made quickly.

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