Medical scientists are a vast array in medicine that consists of doctors, scientists, researchers, practitioners, paramedical sciences, etc. Medical scientists study the cause of diseases, test and explore new methods to treat ailments, prescribe proven medications for different kinds of diseases to patients, oversee all the stages of development of medicinal drugs and medical equipment.

Medical scientists are continually thriving to find means of slowing down the progress of terminal ailments along with designing and leading clinical trials to test the effectiveness of medicines and write their reports. Medical personnel is overall responsible for determining the standards of drugs and medicines.

Also, note that it’s not completely necessary to be a doctor after pursuing medical field you can also start your business like selling medical disposable equipment online or offline.

A career in medical sciences requires a person to have durable medical skills and dexterity to perform therapeutic procedures. It is also essential for a medical practitioner to have the stamina make rounds between wards, problem-solving ability, patience to tackle tense situations, and excellent interpersonal skills and medical qualifications. The steps which one has to follow to pursue a career in medical sciences are as follows:

Step 1:   A student must clear his 10+2 with more than 60% aggregate marks in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.

Step2:  A student must appear for a medical entrance exam after clearing class 12th (in India, a student has to look in the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET-UG) Phase 1 and Phase 2). The score secured in this test will determine the colleges for the student based on the college’s cut-off list. Remember that the competition is extremely tough, and a student is required to score high marks to secure a seat in a prestigious medical college.

Step3: Now, after appearing in the medical entrance exam, the student can enroll themselves in a medical college to pursue a degree in medicine (MBBS) which takes about five years to complete and fulfill their dreams of becoming a medical practitioner.

Step4: students can opt to study and earn higher qualifications by electing their topics of interest and attain specialization in their field of choice. Procedure for the same is different for different domains and considering the options which will be available to a student who has completed their MBBS degree, can follow the required procedures for the same.

Before opting into medical sciences, one must remember that it requires a lot of time and constant hard work to pursue this career. When one decides to pursue a career in medical sciences, one must be clear that they want to be a doctor and prepare themselves for all the hardships which they’ll have to face through the course of the qualification. Even after the completion of the criteria, work hours are incredibly irregular and prolonged.

However, the respect which a medical practitioner gets pays off for all the hard work required to achieve this feat. Doctors in our society are considered nothing beneath God. Considering the time in which we are currently, already facing this coronavirus pandemic, there is a dire need and for more medical practitioners.

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