How can you play Minecraft with your friends?

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Minecraft is playing with your friends. Minecraft is a place where memories and friendships are forged by collaborating and competing. While getting together in Bedrock Minecraft is pretty easy owing to the Better Together upgrade, getting together in Java requires a little more effort as simple if you know what you’re doing. Joining one of the Minecraft servers is the best way to play with a larger group of people.

Online multiplayer server

Players connect to a server elsewhere. By joining their IP address, players can connect to one of the online Minecraft servers, such as one hosted by Hypixel or Mineplex. To do so, open Minecraft and select Multiplayer from the main menu, using the same version as the server.

The IP or web address of the server should get entered into the correct section after clicking Add Server. Some servers will automatically download and install a resource/texture pack for you, while others may require you to do so. If you don’t know a server’s IP, you can find thousands of public servers by running a web search, so have fun.

Minecraft Bedrock  

It’s crucial to remember that the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft will have distinct options for playing with friends. While there is some overlap between the two, knowing what your child is working for effective instruction.

On the one hand, the Java edition of Minecraft is compatible with Mac, Linux, and PC, so connect with friends that use computers. It’s no surprise that the Java edition is easier to use for creating Minecraft mods, which requires Java. Minecraft Bedrock is platform compatible, so it’s ideal for kids who want to play on Nintendo or Xbox consoles.

Minecraft Server

Owning a Minecraft server is one of the ways you and your friends may connect through the game. For a few reasons, having your server can set it to any version of Minecraft, you can modify it past Vanilla. And servers don’t limit the number of players who can join. It’s worth noting that you can’t join a Bedrock Edition server using your Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, or any other similar device. Only PC (Windows 10 Edition), iOS, and Android can join.

Realms in Minecraft

A personal server hosted on Minecraft that is always online. Minecraft Realms is a paid multiplayer server hosting service that develops and hosts servers for you instead of requiring you to do so yourself. You and up to 10 other Java players can use these servers, though you can invite many more. Furthermore, unlike self-hosted servers, which shut down as soon as you go offline, realm servers remain up at all times.

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