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Is it getting too hard to fit in your favorite jeans? Do you feel shy going to parties with your belly bulging out? Well, if this is your point of concern nowadays, you surely need to lose those extra pounds that you have put on during your vacations. Isn’t it too hard to resist your favorite delicacies to get a perfect figure to flaunt at the party? But hey! Here is some good news for you.

What can be more joyous than a guide on how to eat healthily, stay fit, and lose weight as well? Well, I am talking about a low carb diet here, a precisely curated diet plan with a deficient proportion of carbs in it. But all these are new terms for you, we are here to help you know all about it.

Pros of a low carb diet:

  • Keeps a check on sugar level: Eating carbs have the most significant impact on blood sugar level and insulin level and thereby play an essential role in many deadly diseases. Hence by reducing carbs intake, we reduce blood sugar levels, and hence insulin levels are reduced. This prevents many lethal and chronic diseases.
  • Loses weight: A low carb diet is filled with protein and fibers. High fiber intake meets the satiety well. Your craving for food is decreased. So this satiety promoting effect of a low carb diet is a magical plan for those who want to shed some extra pounds.
  • Happy heart: A diet with reduced carb content has been proven a boon for most heart diseases. They majorly work on reducing the number of triglycerides and increases the excellent HDL, which is healthy for the heart. Decreases inflammation to protect from atherosclerotic issues.
  • Physical health: A low carb diet has been a genuine helper for those who seek physical fitness. They work by depleting the fat stores and providing a constant supply of energy.

Cons of low carb diet:

  • Reduced vital nutrients: Avoiding carbohydrate-rich foods while on a low carb diet leads to a lack of specific vitamins and minerals.
  • Disturbed Bowel Movements: Due to lack of dietary fibers intake, some people tend to encounter difficulty in bowel movements leading to constipation.
  • Poor Bone health: Since it is low in the carb, that means it is rich in proteins, and excessive protein intake for the long term can inversely damage your bones and kidneys.
  • Increased Chances of Cancer: Avoiding specific food items leads to a reduced amount of antioxidants in the body that can increase the chances of deadly diseases.

A human body is a never-ending machinery, and so they need a constant boost of energy but in this era of a sedentary lifestyle, we are doing nothing more than inviting chronic diseases. So to keep a check on our health, we need to introduce a low carb diet in our routine life. For a bonus, let me remind you that this low carb diet is healthier and tastier as well. They will help you not only to reduce your extra belly fat but also to keep a check on your sugar levels and heart health.

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