Steps that will guide you to use the bitcoin mixer in the right manner

So finally, you have made your mind to consider the use of the coin mixer. It would be very easy for you to access it if you will get some idea about the various steps that are to be followed for its operations. The below mentioned are some of the points that will give you a detailed idea about the steps which will surely make your access much easier. You will surely find them very resourceful.

  1. The very first thing that you have to do is to create your wallet on the platform using your real identity. Then is the time when you have to make a purchase of the bitcoins and deposit them in your wallet.
  2. This can be done very easily, even if you are going to have use of the bitcoin for the very first time. You will simply have to follow the instructions, and without facing any hassle, you will be able to go through it.
  3. Then you have to create one more bitcoin wallet, which is to be made using the TOR browser. Here you will have to make a transfer of the bitcoin from the precious wallet to the recent one.
  4. It will just require few minutes, and then you will have to create an account at the btc blender platform, which is also to be done on the same browser.
  5. Then is the time for conducting the coin mixing, which is to be done on the popular mixing platform, which is in huge demand across the market. Once you have finalized the mixer, then you have to add the bitcoin amount for your choice, which you want to mix and go for the further proceeding. Once you create the bitcoin tumbler, then you will receive the newly build deposit address.
  6. Once you have received the deposit address, then you can simply send the bitcoins from your wallet to the address. It is your responsibility to have a check whether you are disabled the javascript. And the mixing should be conducted on the same TOR browser as other browsers have permanent java scripting. It is a better option to avoid the use of other browsers.
  7. The coins are then to be sent through the mixer, which will anonymously blend the coins without having track of the original wallets. These coins will be blended with the other coins on the blockchain before it is transferred to the third and the final wallet.
  8. From the third wallet, you can easily transfer the bitcoin to the final destination, which was the ending place of the mixing. One thing you should keep in your mind that the mixing will be fully anonymous, and there will no any kind of issue to your privacy, which is really a great thing.

Thus, after accessing the steps mentioned in the above lines, you would surely have got full guidance for having a smooth and bitcoin mixing.

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