Top 5 Smart kitchen tools for happy cooking

Cooking is an art. The biggest challenge for many people around the world who love to cook at home is keeping their kitchen organized and clean. The cooking part can be done easily but it is the cleanup part that makes us tired. The cleaning process cannot be avoided but it can be made a whole lot easier by simply using some great tools that keep their kitchen organized and clean even before they start cooking.

Certain things must be in the kitchen to make our kitchen good and organized. Kitchen appliances need to be selected carefully because if they do not satisfy our requirements it becomes irritating at times. They should make our lifestyle simple and uncomplicated. To possess an advanced gadget is no longer considered a luxury but they have become our necessity, as it helps to make our life simple and comfortable.

Utensil holder:

One of the best tools to use to start getting things under control will be a utensil holder. This will help to keep all the utensils they use daily under control. This is a big help that allows one to save a lot of space because all the utensils will be compact together. Another great tool to have around is a kitchen is the wall rack. It is used to hang the pots and pans that they have. These items take the most space hence it needs a very durable and strong rack.

Bamboo cutting boards:

Cutting board is another important thing that must there in the kitchen. One of the most important aspects of a cutting board is its resistance. While cutting something hard like meat or using a strong knife, there are chances we may leave small holes in it. These are the perfect places for food and bacteria to accumulate.

Bamboo is known for being quite a dense material and it can resist strong knives and it not only makes a great material for our health but also a durable one. Bamboo cutting boards don’t absorb liquids and this can prevent them from cracking and warping. It restricts us from spilling things around and making clumsy.

Microwave or Convection Oven:

This type of oven is a great tool for getting all of the baking options that they need in one small space. It offers three different kinds of ovens in one. Bake, grill, or microwave as normal. Depending on the type of food one needs to prepare, it will prepare everything that they want in no time without the need for heating their full-sized oven or an additional toaster oven.


A blender is not nearly the same thing as a food processor but it uses a blade to mix and chop food.  The biggest use for a blender is turning chunky sauces into smooth, creamy ones.  This is types of blenders are used for making pasta, jerk sauce, and BBQ sauce. For more kitchen appiances product review visit whatever-tech.


A Microplane is an extremely low tech invention that functions like a cheese grater but it works much more efficiently than this.  There is a plastic adapter that slides onto the Microplane that allows the users to slide back and forth without scraping the fingertips. With a Microplane one can grate garlic, onion, and carrot so thin that they melt in the sauté pan.

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